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From fast-paced action movies to high-wire adventure fun, Bristol is the place to satisfy even the most adventurous of singles. Like nature and furry animals? Try Bristol Zoo Gardens for a bright and breezy day out. Are you an art buff? Checking out the historic Bristol Museum and Art Gallery is a must! Want to sit and get to know your date? Bristol offers romantic restaurants, colourful cocktails and marvellous music! If you want to take the plunge and try online dating, Bristol's favourite website is waiting for you.

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At Love Bristol Singles, we have made it easier for you to meet local singles! You could meet people from trendy Totterdown, go dating with Southville singles and get to know people from beautiful Bradley Stoke. We've tailored our Bristol online dating website just for you so you'll be sure to find love and friendship in Bristol today. Join for free now and meet singles near you!